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The most beautiful planet, Venus (Aphrodite), begins its journey into Aquarius between the 20th of December 2019 and the 13th of January 2020.

Now sip on some coffee, imagine the Swingin' 1960s, choose a Beatles song, and start to read the story of an Aquarian Woman.

Imagine a woman with short hair, a leather jacket, a pink skirt, and white sneakers. A woman both original and extraordinary. This woman is searching for a love with intelligence, friendship, freedom, and vision. Physical sex bears little importance; she needs mental sex and partnership.

This woman enjoys solitude but is also very social and intellectual. She is sometimes a snob, exudes coolness, and is definitely eccentric. Her style is rebellious, like Kate Moss, beyond her age. She is modern like Kate Middleton, a princess with a bikini! She is attractive in a men's suit, smokes cigarettes, and wears smokey eye makeup like Jessica Biel. She is an activist like Oprah Winfrey.

She is a self-confident pioneer, a marginal humanist, and she does not like limitations.

The woman I am describing is an ode to Mary Quant – the iconic fashion designer and creator of super-high hemlines. Mary has Venus in Aquarius and is a rebel to the Church, wears the most amazing miniskirts, and has changed the rules of fashion again and again! (If you are in London, the V&A has a whole Mary Quant exhibit running until February 2020.)

So during this phase of Venus in Aquarius, channel your inner Mary Quant. Test different styles, wear something you have never worn before, join new communities or NGOs, and maybe opt to have an aesthetic operation, if that's your thing.

Venus in Aquarius will bring many flirts and dates, and you will find love in social groups. The luckiest signs are Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. If you have a personal planet like the Sun, Mercury, the Moon, Venus or Mars on any air sign, love will find you.

My parting words for the week: Open the window, and discover what's on the other side!

Burcu Kilic is the magic behind Sounds of Planets. She specializes in energy, karma & horary astrology using both symbolism and mathematics in her readings. For a deeper understanding on how this week's alignments affect your particular chart, connect with her on ICBRKR or Instagram to schedule a reading.

Music for the Week

Never Be The Same Again - Melanie C


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