• Burcu Kilic


On September 28th, we experience a new moon in Libra. New moons serve both as new beginnings and as milestones, especially if you're about to make a bold move.

When looking at the new moon astrological chart, we see the ascending horoscope is Gemini, with Mercury in Libra. This means the new moon will bring us a polite, compromising language, communication and mood.

We will be very close to sustaining peace; we'll say yes to a new love; and we'll want to be more social and joyful. The sign of Libra is closely tied to beauty and aesthetic. If you're thinking of a beauty operation, this will be the perfect time until October 4th.

If you need creativity in your business and felt that September made it challenging to create something new, you will feel this new moon's positive energy within and will start to produce more after September 30th.

Be fair, be polite, be gentle, plan some dates :), be flirty and smile!

Let's grab a drink...

Music for the New Moon:

Angel - Shaggy

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