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Time to celebrate the start of new year — not the regular one, but the celestial one. For astrologers and many ancient nations, 20 March marks the beginning of the year. This is to follow the Sun’s journey, which in our calendar begins on the first day the Sun is in Aries. So happy new year and welcome spring! In Mesopotamia, 20 March is called “Nawruz.” It is a most fertile day, where nature awakens and a new life cycle begins in Mother Earth.

This new year kicks off with an important transit: Saturn, the lord of Karma, enters the sign of Aquarius, and a new 2.5 year-long loop begins. The past 3 years brought the collapse of old-fashioned sectors and destruction of conservative mindsets. This new period brings a focus on technology and digitalization, but also on humanism, freedom, rebellion and originality. Saturn makes us feel more free, more technologically tuned, and more united. Through these tough Coronavirus times, many of us have had to immerse ourselves in digital workplaces, online communities, and e-commerce shopping. As we isolate ourselves, we learn to enjoy being alone. Saturn's position in Aquarius helps us recognize our common pain and take a collective initiative to preserve not only our people, but the planet, as well.

In addition, this week is also a new moon. On 24 March, a new moon occurs in Aries and in conjunction with the Chiron asteroid. This combination symbolizes motion, and action and help for others. We all crave to go outside, exercise, and move — which is thwarted because of the virus that plagues us. I encourage you to channel this energy within your home! Focus on family, career, and solution-finding. Work out at home, attend digital parties and concerts, and sing at the top of your lungs! Note: the degree of this new moon triggers the solar eclipse that took place in December 2019. As a result, we come face-to-face with some of the same issues we experienced last December.

Good news: in this new moon time, there is no retrograde in space, which makes it the perfect moment to act, collaborate, and sign contracts! Do not postpone ongoing problems. Deal with your problems now and put your bubbling energy into solving them. Your tension and aggression levels will increase through Aries, but you can balance your energy by helping animals and people in need.

Between 24 - 31 March, we absorb the energy of the new moon. If we use this energy effectively, we will see results on 9 April.

I wish you health and luck!

Burcu Kilic is the magic behind Sound of Planets. She specializes in energy, karma & horary astrology using both symbolism and mathematics in her readings. For a deeper understanding on how this week's alignments affect your particular chart, connect with her on ICBRKR or Instagram to schedule a reading.

Music for the Week

Spring (From the Four Seasons) — by Antonio Vivaldi


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