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Embrace (art installation from Burning Man 2014). Photo by Trey Ratcliff

The planet of karma, Saturn, begins a period of retrograde between 11 May - 27 September.

What does this mean for us? Saturn is the snobbish, disciplined, and paleface teacher of Universe. It wants to teach us through learning and tests. It aims to makes us wiser and more mature. But Saturn's tests are not very welcoming. They tend to be hard and challenging, and we should expect to experience them during this retrograde.

During this retrograde, it is not recommended to take credit or debt as credit repayments may last longer. It is, however, a fertile time to complete in-progress business plans and long-lasting projects. Try to focus on those rather than starting brand new projects in this time.

During Saturn's retrograde, the planet will be at a vertical angle with Mars, the planet of war. This translates into a harder economy, stronger regulations, and authority figures with high tension and anger.

The signs of Capricorn and Aquarius are directly affected by this transit — please be patient and cautious.

Wishing you a fertile and quiet period...

Burcu Kilic is the magic behind Sound of Planets. She specializes in energy, karma & horary astrology using both symbolism and mathematics in her readings. For a deeper understanding on how this week's alignments affect your particular chart, connect with her on ICBRKR or Instagram to schedule a reading.

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