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Dear ICBRKRs, on December 12th, we will experience a full moon in Gemini, our last full moon of the year. Full moons shed light on active issues and anticipate final decisions from us. During this full moon, the transit between Neptune and Saturn/Pluto forms hard angles. As a result, we are all intensely focused on communication, news, organizational developments, trade, siblings and work place agendas. With Neptune and Saturn/Pluto center stage, make sure to keep on track and stay in your safe zone.

To understand how you are personally affected by this full moon, take your birth chart and find the Gemini House. This house is the main subject of the full moon. If you experience a full moon in your 6th House, expect issues with your friends or customers, and leave potential workplace issues behind. A partner may quit his/her job, or a you may decide to change your work style. However, these are general observations, so I advise you to consult an astrologer for more support.

During the full moon, Mercury is in Sagittarius, which will bring duality and deception. You'll notice more gossip, more subjective or exaggerated comments, and it will be hard to believe what is true. Keep your mind clear and stick to your own decisions.

This full moon is also a teaser for next summer. At this same point in the stars, we will experience a lunar eclipse in June 2020. Remember what you experienced this week as it will re-occur in 6 months. Do not harm your karma, do not lie, and do not be jealous.

Following the full moon, particularly on December 15-16-17, the universe will reward us. The planet of luck and fertility, Jupiter, makes contact with the planet of surprises and unexpected changes, Uranus. This magnificent connection has the potential to send us sudden opportunities particularly in our career and in finance. The Earth signs -- Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn -- are the luckiest signs of the horoscope. You will notice strong improvements in these areas.

Use this week to make major changes and decisions. Rediscover your ego, identity, and purposes. It's the perfect time to get rid of any negativity and heavy loads. What negativity should you look out for? People who drain your energy, people who abuse you, people who use your money. Don't forget that when you close a door, leave a partner, or quit a job, a new door will open! No one and no job is irreplaceable. Life is valuable and ripe for new reforms and experiences. In this time, you can also take financial risks -- particularly benefitting from digital investments. Rebellion is the motto! 😊

Jupiter is also the planet of education, knowledge, and intellect. Think about starting a new and extraordinary academic journey. Travel to different locations, consult with an astrologer, or connect with new communities.

We are in the last quarter of 2019, and the universe is very active. Karma likes support and effort. Keep moving, whatever the circumstances. Patience and strong resolutions will work for you, while laziness and victimization will fail. Take charge of your life, the new year is coming!

Burcu Kilic is the magic behind Sounds of Planets. She specializes in energy, karma & horary astrology using both symbolism and mathematics in her readings. For a deeper understanding on how this week's alignments affect your particular chart, connect with her on ICBRKR or Instagram to schedule a reading.

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