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This week begins with a strong effect: the conjunction of Venus and Pluto.

December 16th and the following 5 days are prone to intense feelings and transformations through love. Fear, excitement, curiosity and passion all brew together in the same pot. We will drink this mix this week!

Venus -- the planet of beauty and love -- and Pluto -- the planet of obsession -- come together in Capricorn. Passion and libido run high, spurring more desire to have sex and love. Taboos and rules are vanishing, and it is hard to control feelings. This energy is ripe for deepening and strengthening relationships. This week also makes it possible to live transformational sexual experiences, maybe discover your hidden side. Partners may try to manipulate you, or pressure to change you. You have a desire to seduce who you love.

Single ICBRKRs, you may be impressed by someone in the workplace! This encounter will be memorable, deep, and unique.

Since Venus symbolizes charm, pleasure, and is directly related to happiness, we all strive to be happy, whatever the circumstances! Definitions of happiness are written and re-written. But beware: envy and repression will come into prominence. Paired with our intense urges and tensions of the week, this may cause some "if I can't have you, no one can" behavior.

This is a great time to remember Frida Kahlo, who had a Venus-Pluto conjunction in her birth chart. Here is a sample of one of her handwritten letters to Diego Rivera:

"Nothing compares to your hands, nothing like the green-gold of your eyes. [...] All my joy is to feel life spring from your flower-fountain that mine keeps to fill all the paths of my nerves which are yours.."

Wish you a wonderful week! Have no fear; enjoy the frenzy.

Burcu Kilic is the magic behind Sounds of Planets. She specializes in energy, karma & horary astrology using both symbolism and mathematics in her readings. For a deeper understanding on how this week's alignments affect your particular chart, connect with her on ICBRKR or Instagram to schedule a reading.

Music for the Week

Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys


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