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This week, we feel the strong effects of a full moon, in addition to Mercury being in retrograde. The full moon will occur on November 12th.

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Let's simplify the week's energy step-by-step:

On the 11th of November, Mercury stands between the Sun and the Earth. It is like an eclipse, which means an important planet integration. Because Mercury symbolizes our thoughts and communication styles, words and thoughts will be very important, especially on the 11th. I highly recommend practicing meditation and rituals that you like. The universe’s doors will be open to all of us; just wish and think positively.

Look forward and do not be afraid. As Mercury travels in Scorpio, there is a strong potential to discover hidden issues and uncover secrets. On the 12th of November, there will be a full moon in Mercury. The full moon is located on the Taurus and Scorpio axes, which makes money king this week. If you're making an investment decision or expecting a result on financial debt/credit issues, this is the time to follow up.

The Lord of the full moon, Venus, travels in Sagittarius this week and connects with Jupiter, the luckiest planet. Travels, education and training, international trade, media, and laws are also on target. We will benefit from law and authority. Since Venus touches Jupiter, travel will be possible, and we will have the necessary power and hope to realize our plans. This full moon makes us all optimists and generally happier than in the previous month.

There is also good contact between the full moon and Pluto. Pluto symbolizes power. The Taurus and Capricorn axes will bring us promotions, salary increases, partnerships and support from male figures.

My favorite contact is the Neptune contact. With Neptune in Pisces, and the full moon in Taurus, this makes a sextile angle. Feelings will stay true, and thanks to the full moon, we will achieve our dreams. Anger and violence are replaced with balance and harmony. Emotions become calm and easy to express.

After the full moon, I strongly recommend starting a diet, if that is something you've been thinking about. Good, healthy food will be easier to find and you will get more enjoyment while eating it.

Enjoy the Taurus energy in the sky and do what you want, eat what you want, and express yourself as you want. The luckiest sign of this full moon is Taurus. Good luck to everyone, and have a wonderful week and full moon.

Music for the Week

Besame Mucho - Cesaria Evora

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