Weekly Horoscope: Aries

Sweet Aries! The biggest message for you this week - time to start thinking about some big changes in regard to location!  Have you been thinking about moving?  It¹s time to start thinking about even more. You¹ve got some decisions to make about your home.  If not a move, then maybe a huge rearrangement of your place, some decluttering and bringing in new!  Or maybe you¹ve been thinking about spending time away from home - a summer place?  Do you work from home? Maybe it¹s an office.  You already know what I¹m referring to in your situation.  Go deeper into your considerations - you¹re onto something.  This change is going to open up a WHOLE NEW WORLD FOR YOU!!!  If in partnership, this could be about the work of your S.O.  Talk with each other about options - what you want next, where you¹d like to be.  If you¹re single, get ready to make some choices about love.  Be open and honest with any potentials because now is the time to be telling others and the universe exactly what you want and deserve!  YOU ARE SO CLOSE!

Music for you this week:

True Romance ­ Citizens!

Margaritaville ­- Jimmy Buffett

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