• Angie Banicki

Weekly Horoscope: Aries

Aries!  This is the week to face yourself and stop the spinning.  This is about getting you deep into your passion – stop spinning the wheels, running the treadmill.  This is time to jump off!  OK you might fall and hurt yourself because you’ve been running fast and you’re a great runner.  But once you get off, find your balance, clean off your skinned knees, and recalibrate from the spinning -  A WHOLE NEW WORLD IS OPENING UP TO YOU!  Your heart might explode with excitement.  Just remember this is your week to make the change no matter how scary.  You’ve got something big waiting for you – TAKE THE LEAP and be nice to yourself as you recover and wait for it!

Music for you this week:

Cough Syrup – Young the Giant

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