• Angie Banicki


This week is 100% HEART Libra.  Yours needs all your attention.  It’s time you look at what you really and truly need and deserve in relationship.  Notice the feelings that are being brought to the surface for you and have those conversations with your partner. Many of you will move into the next phase of your relationship.  You will move into a deeper and more loving commitment.  Your partner will show you they are willing to be what have dreamed for in another.  For others, you may see that the one you’ve been trying to make it work with isn’t able to give you enough and move into the next life chapter with you.  Everyone is going to see clearer and feel stronger moving forward.  Let your heart go there this week Libra. 

Music for you this week:

You've Got The Love – Florence + The Machine

Pillow Talk – Wild Child

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