Art by Katarzyna L. / VApinx

Capricorn, you have a strong feminine influence in your life this week. Don’t stress over trying to fix, amend or figure it all out. Instead show up to the stage. And play your part. Listen. Notice. And shine. And perhaps let yourself heal. In terms of relationship, emotions are resetting now. And that feels really nice as long as you don’t try too hard. If your relationship is making you feel less than, don’t walk away from it – just acknowledge. There is room for some massive growth here – but that doesn’t always feel so great. It’s like that bruise that you just want to stop hurting and showing but have to let slowly heal. Don’t push it. Don’t overdo it. Just try to notice it and keep on going on.

Music for you this week:

Nothing Arrived - Live from Spotify London – Villagers

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