Art by Wesley Bird

You are love this week, Taurus. You may not feel it all on your insides because some deep healing and self processing is going on so that you can accept even more love than you can imagine. But, to others you are just a big squishy heart we want to hold and hug (well and maybe more in the romantic department). So let yourself attract and feel all that love. Take it to bed with you every night. It will help with all that healing of the past. But maybe don’t take it all the way to bed at night, if you know what I mean. Unless you are okay with that co-parenting situation. If so, then by all means. 

Music for you this week:

Catch & Release - Deepend Remix – Matt Simons, Falco Van Den Aker, Bob Van Ratingen

Miss You - Remastered – The Rolling Stones


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