What Are Sound Baths & Why Should You Try One?

photo from musely.com

Sound bath. When I first heard the term, I wasn’t sure what to think. Symphony of sounds? Meditative humming? Something with water…? I was immediately intrigued.

Despite being around for thousands of years, sound baths have started popping up more and more around the world. But people are still confused about what it all entails. Since we feel quite passionate about them at ICBRKR, here are 5 reasons sound baths are something you should introduce into your daily lives.

1. They unify mind, body and soul

Sound baths combine meditation and music in a way that activates your mind, body and soul. They calm our nervous systems as they balance our energy and infuse us with a profound sense of inner peace.

2. They are healing

When done right, sound bathing can help heal depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia. Don’t be surprised if you doze off during your sound bath and expect a night of deep, relaxing slumber the night following it.

3. They reset you

Whether you’re recovering from a stressful period or anticipate a frenzy in the future, a sound bath helps reset you so you can face the past, present and future with a sound (pun, intended) approach.

4. They promote intimacy

We all struggle with intimacy sometimes. A sound bath is a safe space to explore your vulnerability and embrace the space you’re in -- nothing more, nothing less.

5. They bring out the best in you

In addition to healing ailments and anxiety, sound baths also stimulate creativity, improve intuition and increase motivation. Bottom line: purge the negative and focus on the positive qualities in your life.

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