• Diana Wollach

Yoga Anytime: In Jeans, On Chairs, With ICBRKR

Last Sunday, ICBRKR threw an intimate, unique, mind-opening event co-hosted by the beautiful Heather Lilleston of Yoga for Bad People. The concept: yoga can be practiced anywhere, anytime, even in jeans.

Together at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, we broke rules, defied norms, laughed a lot and yes, we practiced yoga. In jeans. With great music. And an amazing crowd.

As Heather herself put it, here are 3 reasons practicing yoga in jeans is beneficial:

1. Everyone can do yoga, even in jeans. EVERYONE. [...] You don’t need to be young, flexible, rich or privileged.

2. Jeans give feedback for all of us hypermobile uber-flexi vinyasa-loving bendy people who actually need some restriction in our practice.

3. Learning to practice yoga in disguise, in jeans, in chairs at brunch at a Chateau is being the real secret yogi. [There’s] no need to flaunt your spirituality, people. Keep it hidden so it retains its potency.

The event was a great success, with guests including fashion, wellness and beauty influencers such as Ashley Hart, Lysa Cooper, Shanee Pink and Orly Pink, Tara Curran and Francesca Vannucci. We practiced a seated yoga asana sequence in the outdoor courtyard in direct view of other restaurant guests followed by a short meditation.

Ashley Hart

Orly & Shanee Pink, and Francesaca Vannucci

Lysa Cooper & Heather

ICBRKR co-founders: Jocelyn Loo & Saskia Ventujol

It was the perfect reminder that yoga can be practiced anytime, anywhere, and no one even really has to know. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how flexible or in shape you may be, yoga is accessible to all.

Thank you Mezcal Amarás for gifting our guests!

Find your next yoga partner in the ICBRKR app, available on iOS and Android, and stay tuned for more exciting and one-of-a-kind events from the ICBRKR team.

Event produced by PRDVCE

Photos taken by Nicholas Hess

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